Jesus, in one of his most powerful statements, said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8:31-32).  We live in a world where people perceive truth to be relative to their own experiences, but Jesus claims that truth is not our experience, but his teachings, and it’s exactly that truth that sets us free.

Alpine Christian School exists to start your child's learning process on the foundation of the truth found in the scriptures. We believe that truth finds its origin in Jesus and because of that, it's our foundation of our learning at ACS.
We believe:
  • Jesus created all things
  • Jesus sustains all things
  • Jesus changes everything giving us hope, purpose, and life in Him. 

Because of this, Alpine Christian School believes that our purpose is to train young minds in the truth and hope of Jesus and filter all of life through a Christian worldview. 


  • 10:1 Student Teacher Ratio

    No child is made exactly the same. We all have different giftings and desires that the Lord has graciously put in us. At ACS your child is going to receive the appropriate attention to ensure that their learning journey is successful.

  • Abeka Curriculum

    School should be challenging. We foster a learning environment that causes students to problem solve and think creatively. ACS teaches through the robust Abeka curriculum that prepares your child for their learning journey.

  • Affordable

    Alpine Christian school is proud to offer the most affordable private school education in Central Louisiana. Scholarships are available and we offer various pricing options to help with your budget. Click here for a list of prices and scholarship opportunities.


  • I cannot say enough good things about Alpine Christian School. I was apprehensive about my rambunctious little boy adjusting to a classroom setting, but we are in our 4th year at ACS and have had nothing but patient and encouraging teachers. Each one has loved Seth as he needed. I was amazed at how well and how much he learned each week. The weekly Bible verses he has to memorize have helped ME memorize Bible verses. And I have great confidence in the safety at ACS. You can definitely see and feel God’s love there.
    Jodi Alford, Parent

We have the right place
for your child.